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hello there and welcome to my little corner! my name is Chelsea and I’m a 20-something wife.mother.and southerner. born and raised Texan by the grace of God, I followed my main man to where I currently reside in the piney precipitation of the PNW.

fresh flowery buds and food seem to be my unofficial love language, with all things Disney coming in at a close third. plump pumpkins, peonies, cozy blankets, and warm beverages make me smile. the kitchen is my creative space where I channel many a food lover from Julia Child to Paula Dean, women close to my heart, because let’s face it “butter makes everything better”. I’m strangely suspicious of those who don’t like to eat and eagerly set the table for those who do. bread is a main course in our house and large slices of pie are my weakness. the rhythm of our place runs on the energy of ol’blue eyes ballads mingled with the twangy tempo of a country tune. our evenings are spent together, laughing and loving. family means everything to me and my two boys have my whole heart.

the Mr. to my Mrs. is my high school sweetheart, introduced at an ice-cream social (yes, they still have those!) and going steady ever since. the day we met was a full on “you had me from hello” type of moment, and I never looked away from those blue eyes for a second. we were each other’s one and only and now he’s my always and forever.

Our duo became a trio, when we were gifted our sweet little man cub in the breezy fall days of November, giving me yet another reason to qualify autumn as “my season”. motherhood is my calling and my everyday. I cannot think of a more fulfilling, challenging, refining, or educating way to be spending my moments and I want to simply soak up and share every second. this little person, with his lopsided dimple, shows me the best and worst me, reminds me of the grace I need and the love I have been so freely given.

so, these are our moments. the musings of motherhood, learning with the little, the adventures, the everyday, the extraordinary and everything in between. a little dash of the fixins we call life.