get after grateful

•This. This is what made my heart happy this morning💕•

•it didn’t start that cheerfully though. lil mister woke up long before his normal hour and lil miss made it hard for mama to get into a comfortable sleep position last night, making for what felt like a very early morning and leaving me craving the large cups of caffeine I can’t have ☕️ #preggoproblems •

•all the feelings started to set over me as I stepped over the laundry piles on my way to his crib, and began drumming through the list of my to~dos that I just knew I didn’t have the energy for now•

•so, we stumbled into the kitchen, grabbed one of those deliciously oversized Costco muffins off the counter and sat together, sharing bites, watching the rain dance across the window in our favorite chair. I looked down to gather those unavoidable crumbs ~let’s be honest, more from mom then from the babe 🤦🏼‍♀️~and that’s when my heart lifted•

•a gentle bump from our sister girl reminded me of her ever growing presence, seeing A mans little body snuggled in against the curves she’s been so dutiful at creating. These babes. They are my everything, my calling, my responsibility, my whole heart•

•that’s when I decided to #getaftergrateful today•

•to remember it’s ok to just be their momma if that’s what they need. That I don’t have to feel guilty for not using up those bananas to make muffins and eating those convenient store bought ones instead. No, the laundry won’t do itself, but at least we have clean underwear, even if it’s on the floor still. The rain. Well, I’m gonna pretend it’s September and I have mums and pumpkins waiting on my front step. I’ll brew some warm cuppa goodness and play dinosaurs and cars simultaneously until the lil guy decides he’s had his fill~I may be here awhile, I’m gonna need a big cup. We will probably read llama llama, harry the dirty dog, and Peter Pan several times today, bc they are his favorites and why not? Swedish meatballs are on the menu and I have high hopes they will make it to the table•

•It’s a top knot, dads sweatshirt, yoga pant wearing kinda day. Letting perfection go and letting Him have control. Learning to lower my expectations about what I can get done in a day and remembering that to keep my babies safe, warm, fed, and knowing love is enough. I’m enough, and it’s enough to be a “just” be a mother some days. Motherhood is a calling, there are so many aspects to that, some days more challenging and full then others, but for me, I want to live in those moments, the instamoments, the messy, the discovery, the exhausting. It’s not my hobby or something I want to squeeze in the time for, it’s what I’ve been given the time for. To squeeze those little hands and help their little hearts~ to let them teach me some things, to have an open heart, open mind, and open time for them. Today I’m reminded to see the beauty and the blessings in the simple everyday, and I hope to do just that•

{Be still and know I am withyou}

a letter to my little


To our darling blessing,

you should know by now that you are the apple of my eye, the smile in my day, the laughter in my heart. you were prayed for, anticipated, and desired far beyond anything in my life ever has been and yet I feel as though I can’t remember a time without you. memories of these early days with you will forever be etched upon the pages of our story and I desire to soak up every silly second. your sweet dimpled fingers, eager eyes, and delighted smiles captivate me every time, never fails.

everyday I see you soak up the surroundings of our life, the people, the places, the things we encounter and while I’m excited to watch you learn and grow, my momma heart wants to keep you my little squish forever. the stages arrive and depart all too quickly and I often feel I’m scrabbling to keep up, a sensation I don’t see passing with time, but rather amplifying with each milestone. as you grow, there are a few things I hope you glean from your father and I, if not by our example, for we are far from perfect, by our admonition.

always, always, always choose kindness. it won’t be easy, but the world needs more of it and we must all make a choice between what is right and what is easy. I hope that you learn relationships are far more important then things, and that the ability to empathize with another human being is one of the greatest gifts and comforts. ambition is what you will need to make a difference, but never doubt your heart, do what you love and have passion for it. be hopeful and show courage my boy, for the power of creation is in you. don’t be discouraged in difficult times, but rather tell your mountain about your God. work hard, but play harder, life is meant to be joyful. live humbly. “speak softly and carry a big stick”. know that forgiveness is not weakness, but rather freedom to love. hold those you cherish close to you, linger on the couch, and cancel your evening plans to be in their presence. never hold back your affection for the ones you love, respect your wife, and remember chivalry is not dead. and finally, most importantly, seek a relationship with your maker, because your faith in Him is foremost in creating any life worth living.

never settle. never give up. never grow up, not really my love. never lose your child-like wonder, your enthusiasm for adventure, and your joy for life. don’t just fly darling, spread your wings and soar!

Your first love,


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