through the eyes of my little

learning through the eyes of my little:

There is still magic in the world

The ordinary is extraordinary

Find wonder in the simple things

Discovery awaits

Curiosity leads to adventure

Routine is a comfort

If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again

Never hide who you are

Playing is learning

Time spent with the ones you love is never a waste

Human touch is healing

Embrace messy moments

Love is expressed in the sparkle of your eyes

Two hearts can beat as one

Time doesn’t stand still

Words and actions are equally as important

Always look for the best in people

Trust isn’t instantaneous

and it’s always better to know more then you say; think more then you speak; and notice more then you realize

 ~I am so very thankful I get to be both your teacher and student my little man cub, you are the very best everyday adventure partner my darling and I am appreciative of your lessons~